QCNA sponsor wins prestigious business excellence award

 Quebec Community Newspapers Association

 QCNA sponsor wins prestigious business excellence award

Montreal, June 21, 2012 – The West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce (WIMCC) presented its Accolades 2012 awards last week awarding QCNA sponsor Digital Locksmiths as an innovator in the Small Business Under Five Employees category.

QCNA sponsor wins prestigious business excellence award as an innovator in the Small Business Under Five Employees category.

Terry Cutler, left, Chief Technology Officer, and Wadih Elie Tannous, Chief Executive Officer Digital Locksmiths.

“When you’re constantly heads down trying to make things “GO” as they say, it’s easy to forget the contributions or successes you’re actually making in other peoples’ lives or companies,” said Terry Cutler, the Chief Technology Officer of Digital Locksmiths, a Montreal based leader in the holistic application of security services for government, private sector, and healthcare clients.

The annual WIMCC award is given to a company of five employees or less demonstrating a significant progress in revenue growth, job creations, realized investments, market share, new product, and innovative marketing.
“These little success clues all add up, and when you suddenly get chosen to be a finalist and a winner, you really sit back in awe and reflect on your progress,” said Cutler.

Digital Locksmiths joined the QCNA list of sponsors in May of 2012, providing technical and financial support at various events. As a consultant, Digital Locksmiths has proven invaluable in its service to QCNA members, offering technological advice and insight into everyday system security concerns.
For more information contact Terry Cutler at tcutler@digitallocksmiths.ca




QCNA sponsor wins prestigious business excellence award as an innovator in the Small Business Under Five Employees category.About Digital Locksmiths Digital Locksmiths is headquartered in Montréal, Canada and provides security services in North America and emerging markets worldwide. The team works with government and private sector companies, especially those in health care, to aid in the implementation of state-of-the-art security technologies to combat risks to integrity, trustworthiness, and availability of critical data and systems. As a leader in security services, we believe strongly that safeguarding these entities adds another level of resilience to digital networks and information gathering systems, and is in keeping with our holistic approach to information security. Visit us at http://www.digitallocksmiths.ca


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Terry Cutler

Terry Cutler

Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Digital Locksmiths, Inc.
Terry Cutler is the founder of Digital Locksmiths, Inc. - an IT security and data defense firm based in Montreal - and serves as the company's Chief Technology Officer. Terry is a Certified Ethical Hacker who has learned the mindset of hackers and trained in the techniques of "the bad guys" who seek to do harm to corporations and individuals alike.He is responsible for staying on top of the latest trends in cybersecurity and being an advocate for best practices in the identification and eradication of vulnerabilities that leave the customers of Digital Locksmiths susceptible to the most dangerous threats.Another one of Terry's roles is to be a thought leader for Digital Locksmiths by sharing his expert insights about effective digital security strategies and countermeasures through his writings, speaking engagements, and media interviews.

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Terry Cutler