Solutions And Services

With technology and information quickly available to most anyone, security and privacy has become critical to any entity whether it´s private, public, or personal.

Our business, social, and specialized technology resources combine their professional expertise to offer you:

A Comprehensive and Consistent Approach to Security That Meets Legal and Regulatory Requirements

  • We treat all information as if it were classified, and place those baseline restrictions on each and every system and project in which we are involved
  • We ensure that privacy is paramount within existing systems, thereby keeping in line with various legislative requirements from various level of government

Healthcare Privacy Business Model

  • Privacy by its very nature requires a degree of security to operate, but its policies and procedures are most unlike those required for an advanced security system. Digital Locksmiths offers its customers an “Operations and Maintenance” service model that can reconstruct and inspect a history of all inquiries of patient data. In addition, it can accommodate for easy expansion of new electronic medical record standards, security, and privacy requirements.

Awareness and Governance of Cyber Universe

  • With our clients, we develop tailor-made protection strategies
    that identify data as high risk, and/or regulated (e.g. healthcare). We also deploy solutions that address such requirements and facilitate access to those stakeholders who require the same.
  • We establish a security matrix that can be utilized to determine the overall efficacy of the information standards that have been put in place. In doing so, transparency to the user is paramount in everything
    we do. Therefore, all of our solutions are invisible to the user

Preventive Activities, Forensic Services and Cyber Incident Capabilities

  • Cyber incidents of all types happen on a regular basis and too frequently go unnoticed in most user environments. Much of the evidence is present within the web logs, but these logs are not reviewed. We provide our clients with centralized management through our “Smart Security” Platform.

Our process includes:

  • A comprehensive cyber incident management plan, including updates on new security threats to technology environments
  • Providing computer forensic capabilities which detail and investigate the root cause of the cyber irregularity and gather evidence
  • Details of access identities, authentication and what has been done to the system once access had been granted