S.P.E.C Solution

A complete picture of security emerges through the comprehensive approach taken by Digital Locksmiths. At the heart of these solutions is the Digital Locksmiths’ “S.P.E.C Platform”.

Security.Privacy. Electronic.Concierge® (S.P.E.C) provides a comprehensive, yet focused, ecosystem to enhance cyber security planning by implementing effective policies beyond traditional security devices, and empowering the security operational teams with proactive end-to-end capabilities.

S.P.E.C. embeds “Privacy & Security by Design” principles in its planning, design, and development of all its features. It was specifically built to deal with circumstances such as:


  • Allowing different types of sensitive information to become vulnerable by using the same smart device at home, work, and in public in a BYOD/BYON Era.
  • Breaches that lead to millions of dollars in losses, millions of compromised customer records, an onslaught of negative publicity and the ultimate a loss of customer confidence caused by vulnerabilities in their externally facing web applications.
  • Governments are becoming more innovative as their services are going mobile within the next 2 years. Blackhat hackers are watching this initiative very closely. This is where the critical infrastructure protection plays an important role for Digital Locksmiths. 
  • It can be difficult to visualize and prioritize defensive activities against advanced persistent threats and malware that are hidden within covert channels in most companies that have their infrastructure connected to the internet. 

The challenges of increasing security without diminishing privacy rights requires a product that would solve 3 functional areas:

1) Business Impact : We call the Smart Digital Life+

A “universal remote control” interface similar to what you would have at home for your entertainment system, but now you can enroll, command, and control different kind of smart devices from one single screen.

2) Social Impact: We call Intelligence and Monitoring

We deal with huge amounts of Big Data, which simply means “unstructured data that just hasn’t been structured yet and made sense of”. Our Intelligence and Monitoring component can help analyze what is being said about your company in the social space, where we could also observe both insider and outsider threats, whether they be intentional or unintentional. Some additional features are:

  • Network intelligence and optimization
  • Active protection against security threats
  • Forensic investigation and incident handling (API ready)
  • Integration of network intelligence sources and technologies that combine social media, and open and closed data sources.

3) Technology impact: We call it Active Defence

Attackers can learn so much about your organization without even getting close by looking at various sources such as job postings, salesforce sites like Jigsaw, and many others that collect names and emails from your users. With active defense you can:

  • Implement defenses that attackers would not expect.
  • Track the attackers real IP addresses.
  • De-obfuscate attackers IP addresses when they are connecting through a TOR network.
  • Increase the amount of time it takes for attackers to penetrate your network so they can be detected and investigated.