Active CounterMeasures

Digital Locksmiths, a leading provider of technology solutions that secure corporate and private data for organizations worldwide is pleased to announce a unique partnership with PaulDotCom Enterprises. We integrated industry changing Active Defense Technology (ADT) into the Digital Locksmiths Security, Privacy, Electronic, Concierge® (S.P.E.C) cloud security platform.

This is a partnership designed to bring cyber attackers to their demise by combining the proven ecosystem of S.P.E.C with the real-time location and identity tracking capabilities of ADT.

Active Countermeasures is designed to enable organizations to :

  • Implement defenses that attackers would not expect.
  • Track the attackers real IP addresses.
  • De-obfuscate attackers IP addresses when they are connecting through a TOR network.
  • Increase the amount of time it takes for attackers to penetrate your network so they can be detected and investigated.
  • Receive alerts as hackers have been detected

Now you can go to law enforcement and say, ‘Here is the real IP address, port number, latitude, and longitude of the person that attacked our site. And it is all done while respecting privacy and legal regulations.

Enjoy this complimentary video of a real world example of S.P.E.C Active Countermeasures in action where a very large company was being extorted, and how we resolved it with just a handful of people:


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