Our Services

Digital Locksmiths offers multiple services which allow the lock down of data. Most services are customized per each company’s need and our consultants collaborate with and educate clients about all services and how the infrastructure will benefit from each recommended service.

The following are current technology – or people–based services offered by Digital Locksmiths worldwide:


Where are you today ? – Defensive Readiness

  • Threat & Risk Assessment — The Threat & Risk Assessment looks at the total operating environment so that a customer can make informed decisions about what risks are acceptable and which are not. Read more
  • Vulnerability Assessment — In Today’s increasingly complex IT landscape where technology can enable the most unsophisticated hackers to wreak havoc on an unprotected enterprise, a security vulnerability assessment is critical in identifying and remediating an enterprises security posture. Read more
  • Penetration Testing — Penetration Testing or “Ethical Hacking” will aid organizations to better understand their current security posture by identifying gaps in security. This enables organizations to develop an actionable plan to minimize the threat of attack or misuse. A well documented penetration test helps managers in creating a strong business case to justify a needed increase in the security budget or make the security message heard at the executive level. Read more
  • Cyber Attack Surface Analysis — Think you’ve been hacked because you’re noticing a lot of suspicious network activity? Our Cyber Attack Surface Analysis takes into account not only your network- and information-security aspects of IT security, but also an open source/human vectors threat assessment of vulnerabilities and points of entry to your organization and operations. The Digital Locksmiths assessment team consists of a mix of experienced analysts, technologists and subject matter experts in the fields of multi-source analysis, advanced cyber data collection, and information and cyber security. Read more
  • Security & Operational Feasibility Threats Risks Assessment — Recently, we have witnessed a steady growth in ‘hacktivisim’ trends such as Stuxnet’, ‘Shamo on’, ‘Flame`, and ‘GAUSS’ among others which have signaled a new era of “Targeted” Attacks where traditional security designs are no longer capable of defending or deterring advanced persistent threats. Read more

Where you need to be – Protection and Accountability

Privacy Impact Assessment — The Privacy Impact Assessment helps organizations determine whether new technologies, information systems and initiatives or proposed programs and policies meet strict privacy requirements. It also assists in anticipating your customers’ reaction to any privacy implications of a service or product and as a result, could prevent costly program, service, or process redesign.

Identity and Security Management — Large organizations benefit from operational efficiencies and economies of scale associated with the streamlined management of its authorized users’ access to the company’s information and assets.

Digital Forensic — Computer security does not only mean physical protection, it also includes discovery and legal protection. Digital Locksmiths can develop acceptable use policies, and also study networks and equipment to detect inappropriate usage, fraud, or theft.

Where you should be – Risk Reduction

S.P.E.C CYBER INTELLIGENCE AND MONITORING SERVICE — Developed by Digital Locksmiths, the S.P.E.C Cyber Intelligence Platform is a network intelligence platform that provides any size organizations with the ability to establish full situational awareness of their network systems and vulnerabilities, by aggregating DNS, IP and other data from multiple feeds derived from your organization’s network, and from the global Internet. S.P.E.C works at scale with big data to create targeted intelligence that facilitates the rapid identification, management and remediation of network threats, including APTs. Read more

  • Providing training to maintain a security aware culture
  • Human resources policy development aimed at privacy and security retention of records
  • Security briefing for corporate travellers; security briefings for possible business in areas outside north America
  • Supplying security screening at various levels to both clients and their companies, and those working within