Vulnerability Assessment

In Today’s increasingly complex IT landscape where technology can enable the most unsophisticated hackers to wreak havoc on an unprotected enterprise, a security vulnerability assessment is critical in identifying and remediating an enterprises security posture.

Digital Locksmiths’ vulnerability assessment offering can be deployed in an active or passive manner. The distinction between active and passive is that an active scan involves a discovery process by where hosts, systems and associated vulnerabilities are identified, categorized and prioritized according to specific criteria as per Digital Locksmiths’ assessment methodology.

A passive vulnerability assessment typically involves the ability to non-intrusively sniff a segment or VLAN using a network analyzer to discover all available hosts or end-point IP traffic. Each of these approaches allows Digital Locksmiths to build a picture of the client’s network environment. Digital Locksmiths carefully analyses the accumulated data to create a detailed report which provides a breakdown of the assessment, identifies where the security gaps are and makes recommendations on how to address the specified vulnerabilities.

The tools that we employ can be customized depending on the need of the client. If the priority is to ensure that the security posture is in a state that meets regulatory compliance requirements, then we can bring to bear a reporting capability that provides a level of detail where an auditor can review and provide sign-off. If the priority is to effectively mitigate an attack by deploying appropriate countermeasures, then our approach would be more tactical.

Either way, Digital Locksmiths is able to address any environment by identifying and hardening their environment while giving the client the confidence that their data infrastructure is secure.