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Ethical hacker to spread cyber knowledge in new video course

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By Trevor Greenway

Terry Cutler is every kid’s worst nightmare.

The certified ethical hacker based out of Montreal wants to teach parents to be as savvy as their kids when it comes to online activity so they can keep (sort of) tabs on what they are looking at, who they are talking to and what they are downloading.

“My goal is to take a parent who knows nothing about technology, because that is the common thing I hear, that the parents can’t keep up with their kids, and I am going to show them how navigate an iPad, how to set up the configuration to spy on them,” said Cutler, also the co-founder of Montreal-based IT security firm Digital Locksmiths.

“I am like the kids’ worst nightmare,” he added with a chuckle.

But he’s not out to just get kids; he’s out to help them too. By creating a better understanding of the Internet between parents and kids, conversations about cyberbullying, sexting and online harassment begin to take place, he says. Cutler is launching a series of video-based Internet security courses for parents and kids and part of the goal is to combat online bullying.

“Bullying is everywhere, but it’s hitting close to home where we can see a relative who all of a sudden is deactivating his Facebook account, he is not answering his phone calls anymore, he’s always depressed and doesn’t want to talk about it,” said Cutler.

The course isn’t just geared towards cyber bullying, but deals with nearly every aspect of cyber security we face today – everything from setting up the proper privacy settings on Facebook to avoiding compromising your data by clicking on phishing links. The course will be tailored to each demographic: parents, kids and even businesses looking to protect data.

“It comes down to the end users that are letting these hackers in. So if I can show them how to protect themselves, protect their employee or their business, then I hit all those targets that I need.”

Cutler hasn’t settled on a price for the 6-10 hour course, although it will likely be around $120.
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